The Afro-Caribbean Millennium Centre was designed as a multi-faceted community enterprise,
which is both a charity and a company limited by guarantee.

We work closely with individuals and community organisations and institutions, such as the BBC.
Prior to being renamed in 2010, the centre was previously known as " The Afro Caribbean Resource Centre"
and has been in existence as an incorporated body since 1983.
The newly reformed centre that was opened in 2010 with the support of a
 number of institutions, community organisations and individuals including the Birmingham City Council,
The Millenium commission, The Arts Council, and the European Regional Development Fund.

The centre was specifically designed to enable a variety of training to be held on the premsies.
The Afro-Carribbean Centre is also home to New Style Radio which is an integral part of the centre as well as
 the Frantz Fanon Research Unit. One of our volunteer cleaners, Aston Walker, has invented the worlds first Solar powered portable UVC-LED water steriliser with a touchscreen
The prototype was made with parts found around the community centre. Aston Walker and his team
of young engineers and scientists are looking to raise funds in order to purchase a 3D printer in order to make
more water sterilisers to send to developing countries that desperately need clean drinking water.
Aston Walker is currently developing a graphene blood pressure sensor based on this scientific
paper. http://www.academia.edu/30435818/Sensitive_electromechanical_sensors_using_viscoelastic_graphene-polymer_nanocomposites In order to replicate this experiment you will need graphite powder, an ultrasonicating bath, Borax powder, PVA glue and Chloroform. Please be aware that Chloroform requires a police check and a business/institution address in order to make an
order from a reputable supplier.

Donate money directly to the Solar Powered Mobile Water Steriliser the 'SUMAYYAH-ONE' Click here or the PayPal logo below




339 Dudley Road, Winson Green, Birmingham B18-HB, (ACMC Registered No.1744729 Charity No.519691)